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Unlock your potential with Target Grade Academy. Specialising in GCSE, 11Plus, Entrance Exams, SATs, and Homeschooling, we’re here to guide you to success. Start your personalised learning experience today— Enroll Now!

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Experience Excellence in Education

At Target Grade Academy, we understand that each student’s needs are distinct, which is why we offer a versatile and adaptive approach to tutoring. Here are just a few reasons to choose us:
Personalised Tutoring

Whether it’s one-to-one sessions or small group settings, our teaching is tailored to the individual learning style and needs of each student. We provide personalised feedback and strategies that target specific areas of improvement.

Flexible Learning Options

We offer both in-person and online tutoring to accommodate your preferences and requirements. In-person sessions are subject to location and availability, ensuring we can meet you where you are.

Expert Educators

Our tutors are more than just qualified teachers. They are subject specialists who are also DBS cleared, ensuring a safe and professional learning environment. We are dedicated to delivering top-quality education and personalised attention to each student.

Get Ready for Success

with TG ACADEMY Your Path to Growth.

Welcome to Target Grade Academy! We offer personalised tutoring for GCSEs, 11Plus, SATs, homeschooling, and more. Our qualified teachers focus on academic excellence and building confidence. Join us today!

Our expertly crafted courses provide you with the guidance you need to master new skills and reach your full potential. Start your journey to mastery with us today!

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Engage with interactive learning, expert faculty, personalised experience, practical training, and comprehensive career support.

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Engaging videos, animations, and quizzes for an interactive and effective learning experience.


Experienced, qualified faculty providing top-notch education and guidance in their respective fields.

Personalised Learning Experience

Tailored learning paths, individual attention, ensuring maximum understanding and retention for each student.

Practical Training and Projects

Hands-on training, real-world projects, developing skills to meet industry demands.

Career Guidance and Support

Comprehensive career guidance, resume building, interview preparation, and job placement assistance provided.

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Our mind-blowingly library puts a treasure trove of tech skills at your fingertips.

Experience excellence in education with Target Grade Academy! Join us for student-centered learning, innovative teaching, and a pathway to success. Choose wisely, choose us!

The direct correlation to the advancement of my career is amazing.

Amazing find! Target Grade Academy offers top-notch tutors and a wide array of subjects. The sessions are personalised and engaging. Easy to use and highly professional. Definitely a five-star experience!

Target Grade Academy
Raymond P.
Geography Student