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Welcome to Target Grade Academy, where we are committed to delivering personalised, tutoring across a variety of subjects and exams including GCSEs, 11Plus, entrance exams, SATs, and homeschooling—not just in English, but across the academic spectrum. Our qualified teachers are specialists in their respective fields, each dedicated to crafting a learning experience that meets the individual needs of our students. We emphasise not only academic excellence but also the importance of building confidence and establishing a strong rapport with each student. At Target Grade Academy, we understand that every child’s educational journey is unique. We offer tailored tutoring approaches and pastoral support to ensure that every student not only achieves their potential academically but also grows in self-confidence and motivation. If you’re seeking a supportive and customised learning environment, Target Grade Academy is here to guide you toward success.

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Mathematical concepts from basic to advanced levels are covered.


Comprehensive science education from   middle school to university.


Study of Earth’s landscapes, environments, and human interactions.

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Welcome to Target Grade Academy! We offer personalised tutoring for GCSEs, 11Plus, SATs, homeschooling, and more. Our qualified teachers focus on academic excellence and building confidence. Join us today!

Experience the transformation of learning into achievement with our academy. Join us and unlock your full potential as you reach new heights of success.